Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Crash Street Kids Issue SAD JULIA Vid.

Phoenix, AZ glam kings the Crash Street Kids have their new video, "Sad Julia" available for viewing. The video features popular Phoenix based model Mysti Moon in the role of Julia, a reclusive beauty who happens to be the target of CSK singer, Ryan McKay's infatuation.

The video directed by Nick Orciuolo, captures CSK in a gritty alleyway, while Julia sits comfortably in her quiet suburban home. After some effort and a bit of convincing, she's lured from the safety of her cozy lair into an adventure with the glam rockers.

"Sad Julia" is the new single from the Crash Street Kids newest album, Sweet Creatures. The band's fifth album overall (including four studio and one double live album) and debut for Vanity Music Group, the album will also feature two more videos, "Bang! Bang! (You're Beautiful) and "Mary, Queen Of The Rock."

Sweet Creatures is in stores now.
(source - CSK management)

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