Sunday, 6 March 2016

Welsh rockers V0iD scoop award for second time...

Welsh rockers V0iD have scooped this years album of the year award with their latest full length release KEEP FIGHTING. The Llanelli based quartet, who previously won the award in 2010 with their previous release 'Zer0', narrowly pipped this years surprise package, Hungarian hardcore outfit Crippled Fox and their entry 'The Final Thrash', to first place with an album the judges praised for its 'superb songwriting, flawless musicianship and powerful emotional delivery'. The judges also noted that V0iD 'continue to show that they are undoubtedly one of the real talents of the uk underground.'

The award for best album by a band from the greater Bristol area was won by Bath outfit THE DYNAMITE PUSSY CLUB for their latest release SHAKEDOWN. An album the judges called 'A gloriously quirky exercise in garage punk and retro psyche rock'

The results in full...

1- 'Keep Fighting' -V0ID
2- 'The Final Thrash' - CRIPPLED FOX
3- 'Times Running Out (2015)' - MOURNBLADE
4 - 'Aleta Ovni' - LOS CRIPTOZOOS
5 - 'Hard Times, Troubled Times' - OLD MAN'S WILL
6- 'Upside Down World' - DORIS BRENDEL
7- ''Motion Fever' - BD GOTTFRIED
9- 'Organised Insanity' - BLURRED VISION
10 - 'Powderkeg' - JAC DALTON
11- 'Unquiet Sky' - ARENA
12 - 'Beast Inside' - CONTROL THE STORM

Award rules....

To qualify an album must...
a) Be a full length album, or album length demo, ie contain at least 8 tracks and / or have a playing time of greater than 30 minutes
b) Be self released, on a SMALL independent label, or an import not officially released in the UK
c) Have been featured on the BCFM Sunday rockshow in the year the award is for.

This is how it works...
a) Through out the year any album that meets the above criteria is entered into a long list
b) The award is judged by a panel of twelve judges including regular listeners to the show, musicians, and other people from with in the music industry; dj's, gig promotors, record producers, music writers etc... The shortlist is compiled to give a representative balance so as many sub genres of rock are featured as possible
c) In December each year the long list is cut down to a short list of 12 based on the judges feedback and listener reaction to the album tracks featured on the show
d) In January the short list is announced
e) The judges then spend 8 weeks listening to and reviewing all the shortlisted contenders.
f) In early March the judges marks are collated and the award is announced on a special edition of the BCFM Sunday Rockshow.

There are two possible awards if no act from the Bristol area wins there is an award given to the best placed local act in the final listings...

The award (s) are announced on the BCFM Sunday Rockshow early March
Previous winners...
Album of the year
(2007) ' Chemical Dogs' - CRASH STREET KIDS
(2008) 'Project Destiny' - DIGNITY
(2009) 'Lunacy Box' - LUNACY BOX
(2010) 'Zer0' - VOID
(2011) 'Songcycle 2011' - TODD DILLINGHAM
(2012) 'La Danza Del Cadvar' - LOS CRIPTIZOOS
(2013) 'Save As I Save' - ZOLTAR SPEAKS
(2014) '3' - KRANKSCHAFT

Local Album of the Year
(2007) No Award Given
(2008) 'Psycles' - IAN RAGGETT
(2009) 'Misunderstood' - CRIMSON SKY
(2010) 'Who Am I?' - RITA LYNCH / 'Settle Up Or Settle Down' - JEBO (joint award)
(2011) 'Crack On' - RITA LYNCH
(2012) 'Return Of A Sonic Assassin' - LASTWIND
(2013) 'VI' - ONSLAUGHT
(2014) 'The Hunt' - BLACK WOLF

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